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Nano Crystal Coating Agent for Tile & Furniture


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Regular Almighty
For Wood Products

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Tips: 1 bottle can be used in approximately 10.8ft²/1m², Choose the quantity you need to buy.We have a "buy more get more free" promotion today, so please complete your order before we run out of stock!

Having products specifically formulated to clean natural stone is essential.

They reject all kinds of stone wear, oil stains, blackening, opacity and other problems.

Do you have such troubles? 

The problem arises when stone is not maintained for the long term!

✅  Professional high-quality stone care - stone nanocrystal coating provides high-quality sealant and care solution for your high-quality stone surface (including marble). Whether you are looking for a sealing product for the first time or a resealer with long-term protection, this product can provide the front and rear effects you want to see for your granite surface. Suitable for quartz, marble, granite, quartzite and saponite.

✅  Advanced Action Stain Protection - This spray uses a powerful polymer mixture to penetrate the natural porous surface of stone to prevent stains from penetrating and becoming permanent. By doing so, the stone nanocrystal coating also provides a protective layer on the top of the granite to prevent water stains and other residues from adhering.

✅  Gloss Enhancement and Gloss Formula - Stone nanocrystal coatings are critical in treating all types of stone and reinforcing surfaces for a polished and natural appearance. It can also create miracles on the cement slurry to prevent the formation of stains between shower cubicles or bathroom tiles. No matter how hard you scrub, it is difficult to remove these stains with hands and sponges.

Real usage comparison - The best cleaning results! See it with your own eyes!

Neutral formula, gentle on hands, non-irritating - Mild water-based formula, skin-friendly, environmentally friendly and safer

Brand new upgrade! More versatile applications!

Don't let wooden floors affect your good mood anymore!

Maintain your floors, keeping them as bright as new.

Real buyer showcase - Whether the results are good or not, you'll know once you've used it.

Protecting your safety is not just talk.

Water-based and environmentally friendly, no odor whatsoever, safe for infants, toddlers, and pregnant women to use.

Genuine report certificates, safety principles embedded in every corner.

Easy to absorb, non-greasy & no footprints, non-slip

Continuously safeguarding the safety of the entire house!

Suitable for daily cleaning

Remove dirt, dust, spills and grease from granite, marble and other natural stone sealing surfaces. The protective film is formed after electroplating, and the surface is waterproof and hydrophobic. Oil stain and stain resistant, easy to scrub.

More suitable for over 98% of wooden materials, repairing dry cracks, removing scratch marks, and rejuvenating them, making them look brand new!


  • Composition: Safe and Environmentally Friendly Nanocrystal
  • Capacity: 50ml
  • Size:12*3.2cm
  • Lifespan: 3 years (unopened)
  • Storage Method: Cool and dry place
  • Scope of Application: Widely used for brushing on stone, marble, quartz stone, ceramic tile and various wood surfaces
  • Package Includes: 1/3/5/10* Stone Nanocrystal Coating


  • Keep the environment dust-free and away from eyes.
  • Indoor & outdoor use, sealed after use, this product oxidizes and solidifies with air.
  • When applying the crystallizing agent to the towel or sponge cloth, it must be applied to the end, and it is enough to apply it once. If it is too thin and does not shine, brush marks remain.
  • Before the crystallized dries, there should be no accumulation of water. If it touches the water, it should be dried with a cloth. Water can accumulate in the later phase.
  • For use in loose-surface items, it is necessary to apply it several times after drying.
  • Before crystallizing items, test on the small surface where the edges and corners are not obvious, and make sure that the gloss, hardness, toughness, etc. meet the requirements before large-scale construction.
  • The store is not responsible for accidents caused by incorrect or unproven use.


Do you have any questions? We are here to help

Q:Does it have a smell?
A: We employ odorless water-based technology, which means it has no smell. It is safe for use by infants, toddlers, and pregnant women. Moreover, it has no impact on pets.

Q:Can it conceal scratches on the floor?
A: For our product, this is not a problem at all. We can conceal over 99% of floor scratches.

Q:Is it UV and heat resistant?
A: We've incorporated Tinuvin 1130 UV absorber to form a protective layer, making it effectively resistant to both UV and heat.

Q:Will it become too slippery and cause accidents?
A: We've introduced an exclusive patented technology that facilitates easy absorption without creating a slippery surface. It absolutely will not cause accidents due to slipperiness.

Q:Will it become thicker with repeated use?
A: Our product boasts excellent absorbency, and each application is absorbed well by the material. If you use the product as per our instructions, it won't become thicker over time.


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