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Aluminum Stainless Steel Lighter Solder Wire


Buy 1 Get 1 Free (2pcs In 1 Pack): 1.0 Stainless steel solder wire 50g

1.0 Stainless steel solder wire 50g
1.0 Stainless steel solder wire 100g
1.2 Aluminum solder wire 100g
1.5 Aluminum solder wire 100g
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Are you still struggling with not being able to solder yourself and having to pay a professional? Are you still saddened by the fact that you have to throw away your appliances when they are just a little bit broken? Have you ever envisioned that perhaps you could easily use a lighter to do a weld yourself? Yes, it is entirely possible. By purchasing this high purity soldering wire, you can complete a soldering job with just a lighter.


Our lighter solder wire is made of high-quality and high purity solder raw material, with 2.2% special flux added based on common tin alloy. Its outer ring alloy composition is tin-lead, special lead-free flux is evenly infused into the middle part of the tin alloy, and there is no flux breakage in the tin core. During soldering, the high purity material helps to slow down oxidation, resulting in faster tin flow and minimal residual impurities


Each roll of solder wire is guaranteed to have sufficient amount. The tin wire will not tangle, and the rosin inside the tin wire is evenly distributed, ensuring good continuity. When you use our lighter solder wire, you can find it strong and durable. It has good extension,meltability, electrical conductivity, and thermal conductivity.


Made of environmentally friendly material, no pungent odor, fresh and natural. Our lighter solder wire is designed for soldering with minimal spattering and smoke, making it the preferred choice for environmentally conscious individuals.


Our lighter solder wire is easy to get started. You can choose the material according to different needs. Aluminum wire has a wider scope of application, can weld a variety of metal materials, such as galvanized pipe, nickel-plated pipe, iron plate, stainless steel plate, copper plate, aluminum plate and so on. Stainless steel soldering tin wire better for weld some stainless steel nickel-plated and copper materials. It can be used at any time, any place, anywhere, even in a low temperature state, it can meet all your needs.


  • Material: Tin-lead alloy,Plastic
  • Wire Diameter: 0.8" - 2.0"
  • Melting Point: 183 - 270°C

Package Includes:

  • Solder Wire*2


  • Please place it at a safe distance away from children.
  • Please clean the welding area before welding. (Scrape with a knife or rub with alcohol.)
  • The products that can be welded referred to in this product are small objects, not professional welding.
  • The temperature is high when welding, you must work in a ventilated environment. If you need to use it in the same place for a long time, it is better to install an exhaust fan.
  • After use, please press the wire tightly to avoid the possible outflow of solder.

Thank you


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